From Iman Omari’s Vibe Tape +​+​+​(​3)

“Bars w/ Cav”

Verse One
The dragon
Tongue lashing but the lungs not charred, Mars
We light up and spark, we fire retardant, Czars
of the new empire Garveyite make hard to find
me or any I-N-I from the narcs, it’s an art
Like the stroke of harp or Guitar Center, bars
More snarky than he avant garde
These arse holes be a farse
Can’t parallel park, lack heart to track the gazelle
or the madamemoiselle be like “Hark maiden”
The beat hard rock iron made by Iman
wit the Cali hard “R” for these marks, hold up
Atypical my arsenal, God
Part spirit, part particle, c’mon

Verse Two
Last Dragon
No partner for the arc, unique
Unicorn only counterpart Noah packed to embark
Keep it too funky, more Marley or Marley Marl than Marky Mark
Pardon me, being persnickety but thirst ni**as is parched
Par for the course, parfait cause they soft, Dolly parts
They get molly whopped when found out
Ollie ollie oxen free men at large
To lead a charge through a harsh reality you need a warp
charts for the stars, trees for the walk
Parts in the seas (ceez) with the ease of a barber, sharp
Carpe Diem he carved in the bark
Basically I’m a bar setter, arc
The art’s printed every article, c’mon